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18th-Nov-2009 01:16 pm(no subject)

I happen to be the only mod who doesn't actually play the pokémon games, so sometimes I have no idea what a pokémon is called.

Like, yesterday, I was thinking there was a pokémon that I thought was really cool... but I don't remember what it was.

If you can tell me based on this description, I'll give you three random cards!

You only get one guess, so make it good!

(53 61 6e 64 73 68 72 65 77 21)16

Bonus Card: (V3JpdGUgbWUgYSBtZXNzYWdlIGluIHRoZSBiYXNlIG9mIHlvdXIgY2hvaWNlLiBEb24ndCBmb3JnZXQgdG8gaW5jbHVkZSB0aGUgYmFzZSBudW1iZXIh)64

This round ends 11/24/09.

Last Week: Ppppikachu!
18th-Nov-2009 01:11 pm(no subject)

There's only one rule for this game: Tell me what the difference is between the picture posted and its original. You'll have to find the original yourself, though, I'm afraid!

Please let me know what it is I changed, not what it was in the original! IE if I recolor pikachu to pink, tell me "pikachu is pink!" not "pikachu is yellow!"

The prize for this one is three random cards!

You have until 11/24/09.

Last Week: Added berries to the bush.
18th-Nov-2009 01:10 pm(no subject)

Pick one pokéball!
three pokéballs will be holding two random cards behind them.
two pokéballs will be holding three random cards behind them.
one pokéball will have a ??? behind it!


This round ends 11/24/09

Last Week: 1, 2, 3 had two random cards. 4 and 5 had three random cards. 6 had iiiiidek!
14th-Nov-2009 05:33 pm(no subject)

I found a manga page on the floor, but it's been smudged and one of the word boxes is completely unreadable. I'd put it back, but I don't know where...

Tell me what manga this is from for one random card. Tell me what the blacked out section said for another two random cards!

Game ends Friday, November 21st.

Last week's manga was Pokemon Special.
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14th-Nov-2009 05:28 pm(no subject)

I meet a lot of wannabe trainers, so many I can't keep track of them all. I was talking to somebody the other day and promised to send them a delivery of Pokeballs so they could catch some Pokemon of their own, but I've completely forgotten where. I got a picture with my Pokegear, but...

Where is this person? One random card if you can tell me what region they're from and two random cards if you can tell me where they are! An extra great ball if you can tell me what they say to you when you find them!

Game ends Friday, November 21st.

Last round's NPC was Triathlete Katelyn on Route 128 in Hoenn.
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14th-Nov-2009 05:24 pm(no subject)

A certain trainer I know wants to be a trainer -- it's the same one from last time.

She's looking for a Pokemon that can learn every HM and field move that's also catchable and not a legendary.

Two random cards in it for you if you can help recommend a Pokemon for her!

Game ends Friday, November 21st.

Last round's Pokemon was a whole lot of them, everyone found at least one.
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14th-Nov-2009 05:21 pm(no subject)

I was looking through my e-mail when I stumbled across this letter.

I'd love to help them out, but they forgot to tell me the actual species of their Pokemon, and I don't have the time to search through the Pokedex to find a Pokemon with a description that might match. How about you guys give me a hand? I'll give you three random cards if you get it right, how's that?

Last week's Pokemon was Nosepass.

Game ends Thursday, November 19th.
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14th-Nov-2009 05:16 pm(no subject)

I get mail from a lot of different regions, and not always in the best of English:

The children unload on l' island of muscle, where another vat will finally carry them to the town of Mossdeep. TEAM Rocket also unloads on l' island, saving their submarine parce qu' they think qu' it will burst. It goes down in the place. Ash and the friends function in a group of people development. The head of the camp, a type called Rocky, gives food and l' occasion of s' to exert with them. Each one except May (which obtains trailed inside) decides to take l' offer meeting d' drive. D' also equip with Rocket beginnings s' exerting when James decides qu' he will help them to better catch Pikachu. Ash and friends run into has group off people working out. The head off the camp, has Guy named Rocky, offers food and the opportunity to train with them. Everyone except for May (who gets dragged in) decide to take up the workout offer. TEAM Rocket also starts exercising when James decide that it will help them wrestling Pikachu better.

I think it's talking about that TV show about Pokemon, but what episode is this person asking for? Tell me for two random cards!

Last week's episode was Dungeon Capture!? The Valley Powerplant!.

Game ends Thursday, November 19th.
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14th-Nov-2009 05:14 pm(no subject)

There have been a bunch of new trainers appearing in the gyms lately, and I haven't been able to keep track of every single one. Which is bad, because information is the best weapon, right? How can you exploit a trainer's weaknesses if you don't know what they are?

Like this person! I remember someone saying that she was a single-type trainer, but nobody could tell me what it was.


If you can tell me what type this person would have a team of, I'll give you two random cards. If you can tell me her name and where she came from, I'll give you two more, one for each!

Last round's trainer was Steve Fox from Tekken, who would be a Fighting trainer.

Game ends Thursday, November 19th.
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11th-Nov-2009 09:19 pm(no subject)

Same old, same old. Been here before, have no idea where it is, but caught a pokemon here. Tell me the name of the route, the games the picture came from and the floor number and you get three random cards. Guess the pokemon I caught correctly and you get two extra random cards. If you guess incorrectly but the pokemon you guessed is found in the area, you get one extra random card.

This round ends 11/18/09 and last week's answer was Route 30 S/G/C + Weedle.
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